For wood material, most of our customers have already replaced basswood with pinewood for painted colors.

Why pinewood is the best material for painted plantation shutters?

• Pinewood is strong, but it is also light, the specific gravity is lighter than basswood;

• Pinewood is easy to glue and finish;

• Pinewood is durable and does not wrap;

• Stability is better than basswood especially of painting;

• Pinewood can be painted any colors;

• Pinewood is cost effective than basswood;

• Specialty shapes such as arches, sunbursts and ovals are more easily manufactured in pinewood, and look better because they have less rough edges.

For our pinewood, after paniting the colors, you can tell nothing from the appearence compare to basswood. In China, there are no factory you can find that exported pinewood more than us, as they export paulownia mostly, however, due to the quality of paulownia, we won’t produce paulownia and recommend to customers as due to our experiences, the stablity is not better than pinewood.

Most importantly, before we recommend pinewood to our customers, we have tested this material for some time, only the effect is great then we can suggest our customers to try it and until now most of our shutters are manufactured with pinewood. So far except the pvc material, the proportion of pinewood is about 90% in our wood materials.

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