Never take a look of the manufacturing process of Plnatation shutters —Now is the chance!

Below is the specific manufacturing process of our product—Plantation Shutters.

Firstly, we need to cut the size of the components which we called it fix the length. Based on the drawing, we choose the right spec of the frame, stile, rail and the louver and then adjust the machine by inputting the size of these components.

Then the machine will cut it to the size we need. After that we check the size with the tape and see if the size is right before all the material is cut. When we finish cutting, in order that we will not mix this item with another, we always mark the item no. on the components.(Attached the photos for your reference)

We also need to do some necessary detail handling to the components. About the frame, we will do the first assembly to check the size as there are many specs of the frame, if we find we used the wrong spec we would have enough time to revise it. About the stile, we will mark 1,2,3,4 on the front side of every stile for convenient assembly later in order that we can assemble the panel conveniently and correctly. As to the rail, we will mark “top” and “bottom” on the rail. While to the louver, we cut a little of the edge where install the hidden tilt rod, but for the wooden tilt road, we don’t need to do this.

Next we drill the holes on the center of the two ends of the louver as through this hole, we connect the louver to the stile with the screw or bolt. And then we polish the edge of the louver before undercoating because there will be some sharp places or some flaws need to repair. 

For the stile, we drill the holes with the machine as the louvers should match it just right. And there are also will be some holes in fixed location on the stile where install the magnets and hinges.

When all the components of one order are delivered to the assembling line, firstly we need to find the components of every item based on the marks we made. Then based on the drawing, we check the open way of the panel because it is easy to make mistakes and it also wastes time if we find the open way is wrong in the following process.

By the way, here all the marks we make is factory’s internal operation so that everyone knows what does that mean, and in every process, there will no mistakes happen, make sure that every shutter can be successfully manufactured. After we conduct the assembly of the panel, we need to adjust the gap between the rail and the louver and also the gap between the stile and the louver by the machine.

Next we need to clean the panel with a cloth as there will be extra glue on the panel when we assemble the panel. After this process, the panel will be placed on the corner of the wall about 10 minutes before we install the hidden tilt rod.

Based on louver size, we will choose the fit tilt rod, cut it to the right size, polish the end of the tilt rod and let it be smoothly, then we install it to the louver with the screw, adjust the gap between the louvers and also the tightness. After finish this, we need to assemble the panel and the frame to check the gap between them and also the overall size.

Except the staining to see the surface effects, if we can find some problems here, we will find almost all the problems here. As there will be hinges installed to the frame to connect the panel after staining, so the gap between the panel and the frame is very important, we pay more attention to this process.

Of course we also need to put the steel seal to the bottom of the stile so that we know which item it is after staining. If we don’t do this, after the panel is painted, we don’t know which item it is.

Now the next process we need to do is to check every panel and frame, polish them, make sure that all the flaws are repaired and the surface is smoothly before we stain the panel and the frame.

When all the frames and panels are repaired, we check the color of every item based on the order and stain them to the effect customer need. After this process is done, we put all the frames and panels in the drying chamber and it usually takes one day for the drying process.

Next we install the hinge to the frame and connect the frame with the panel, check the gap between the panel and the frame, the overall size and color, take photos and keep record.

Then is the about the inspection, we need to check the overall effects of the shutter and the tightness of the louver, if we find small flaws or damages, we repair them. For big problems which can’t be repaired, we will change the component and remake it.

Actually, we inspect the frame and panel in every process, but we still need to check carefully after the staining.

In the end, we choose the packaging material, pack the goods properly, stick the shipping marks on the carton and then store the goods in the warehouse.

Any questions about the manufacturing process, feel free to contact us and get a free consultation.

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