Custom Made Interior Plantation Shutters

Iswell shutters provides fine quality interior custom shutters, including wooden shutters, faux wood shutters, shutters components and high quality customer service, coupled with extremely competitive prices that consistently meet or exceed our customer's expectations. Please check details below.


       Painted Wood Shutters

Exterior paint forms a protective film over wood shutters to protect them from sunlight, rain and snow. Paint is available in a rainbow of colors to complement your home's exterior and landscaping -- including the colors of wood.


Stained Wood Shutters

A semi-transparent stain preserves the natural beauty of wood shutters, andit can only be used on wood. Available in a variety of wood toned colors, penetrating exterior wood stains protect wood from sunlight and also harden the wood's surface to help repel rainwater and prevent rot.


Special Shape Shutters

We offer custom plantation shutters for arch, half-circle, hexagon, triangle, and rake shutters, as well as French Doors that require a cut-out to go around the door handle and/or locks. Whether your arch is a full dome at the top, or a slightly rounded eyebrow arch, there is an arch style that will fit your window, even the oddest angles can be fitted with our wooden shutters.


Waterproof Pvc Shutters

Pvc shutter is reinforced by aluminium at the core for strength. Elegant hidden control mechanism. It is perfect for humid areas such as showers and sinks. Since they are moisture resistant, they are also a great choice near the swimming pool or ocean.

How to produce plantation shutters? Each factory has its own style, below is our detailed manufacturing process, if you are interested and would like to know more about shutters, why not take a look?

01. Order Form

Customer fills in the details of each item in the order from and send back to factory.

02. CAD Drawing

We check the details and will make the drawing of the items based on the details customer filled in the order form.
03. Confirm of Drawing
We will send the drawings to customers for confirmation, customers need to check the drawing carefully and tell us if there is any change or mistake.
04. Print the order form and each item
After drawings are approved, we print the order form and all the drawings, mark each drawing with the factory’s order number which is convenient for each department to track the progress of each item.
05. Raw material cutting
When factory get the orders, they will check the drawing and cut the components to the size we need. Before that we have to check the size with the tape and see if it is right before all the material is cut. When we finish cutting, in order that we will not mix this item with another, we always mark the item no. on the components.
06. Assemble the frame and make marks on stiles
Firstly, after all components are cutted, we will assemble the frame to check the width and height. About the stile, we will mark 1,2,3,4 on the front side of each stile for convenient assembly later. As to the rail, we will mark “top” and “bottom” on the rail. While to the louvers, there will be a notch cut out on the backside where will be installed the hidden tilt rod.
07. Drill holes on both sides of each louver
Next, we will drill the holes on the center of the two ends of the louver as through this hole, the louver will be connected to the stile with the screw or bolt. And it is very important to have them exactly in the center consistently on each louver. Otherwise, you’ll end up with some louvers higher and some lower with uneven gaps between them. And then we have to polish the edge of the louver before undercoating as there will be some sharp places or some flaws need to repair.
08. Drill holes on each stile
For the stile, we will drill the holes with the machine as the louvers should match it just right. And there are also will be some holes in fixed location on the stile where install the magnets and hinges.
09. Attach top and bottom rail to a stile board
Begin by assembling the frame of the louver. Attach the top and bottom rail to the stile board using the screws and wood glue, then insert louvers into the stile board and take the other stile board and insert louvers to into the holes.
010. Adjust the gap of the panel
We need to adjust the gap between the rail and the louver and also the gap between the stile and the louver by the machine.
011. Clean the panel
Clean the panel with a cloth as there will be extra glue on the panel when we assemble the panel. After this process, thpanel will be placed on the corner of the wall about 10 minutes before we install the hidden tilt rod.
012. Make a hidden control arm
Based on louver size, we will choose the fit tilt rod, cut it to the right size, polish the end of the tilt rod and let it be smoothly, then we install it to the louver with the screw, adjust the gap between the louvers and also the tightness.
013. Assemble the window frame and the panels
Assemble the panel and the frame to check the gap between them and also the overall size. If we can find some problems here, we will find almost all the problems here before painting. As there will be hinges installed to the frame to connect the panel after painting, so the gap between the panel and the frame is very important, we pay more attention to this process.
014. Repair the flaws of the panel and frame
Check each panel and frame, polish them, make sure that all the flaws are repaired and the surface is smoothly before painting.
015. Painting and the drying
When all the frames and panels are repaired, we check the color of every item based on the order and paint them to the effect customer need. After this process is done, we put all the frames and panels in the drying chamber and it usually takes one day for the drying process.
016. Attach the hinge to connect the panel and the frame
Attach the hinge to the frame and connect the frame with the panel, check the gap between the panel and the frame, the overall size and the color, then we will take photos and keep record.
017. Final Inpection
Check the overall effects of the shutter and the tightness of the louver, touch the surface of the panel to check if there are small flaws or damages, then we will repair them. For big problems which can’t be repaired, for example, we will remake and change it.
018. Packaging and Storage
Choose the packaging material and pack the goods properly, stick customer’s shipping marks on the carton and then store the goods in our warehouse.

We Focus on Plantation Shutter Manuacture for 15 Years

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